FridgeMemo is an especially useful app for anyone who can be forgetful.
You can see how to use this app by following this link to Youtube.

Each item in your Fridge List has a setting you can toggle between "ON" and "OFF".
Select "ON" when you need to buy the item.
Select "OFF" after you have bought the item.

The circled number on the top right hand corner of the Fridge List icon shows you the total number of items you have set to "ON", i.e. the number of things you need to buy.

Tell FridgeMemo the location of your designated shop and it will remind you with the shopping list notification and the shop name when you are near your shopping destination.
This location notification is based on GPS triangulation, and is activated when you are within a 20-meter (approx. 22-yard) Geo-fence radius from the designated shop.


Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Only support iPhone 4/5 for a region monitor.