The Ansin app is OAP Monitor (Old Aged Pensioner).

Long Distance Reassurance on the Wellbeing of Your Elderly Parents. (Japanese click here)


Ansin sends you a mail notification every morning, based on its monitoring of simple movements like the opening and closing of a fridge door.
There's no invasion of privacy. Ansin just senses movement and notifies you of normal activity in your parents' home.

How does Ansin work?
You just have to keep your old series 3GS/4/4S iPhone model.
1) Install the app on your old iPhone and it executes continuously
2) Attach the old iPhone to a fridge door or another door in your parents' home
3) A long push on the touch screen menu causes Ansin to start its analysis 
4) Ansin determines the maximum vibration of the closed door using XYZ-ray monitoring
5) Ansin senses movement when it detects vibrations several times greater than the closed-door maximum, and sends a notification to the specified e-mail address


Ansin Mail App
:::  Latest Send E-Mail  [2013/10/19 09:45]
:::  Latest Moniter start [2013/10/19 08:30]

Ansin re-initiates the monitoring-and-mail-notification process daily (default time 8.30 am).

       Main Window                                                    Setting Window


The Ansin Monitor window on the old iPhone has a low brightness.



Please attach the iPhone loosely to the door, as shown in the picture.
If it is tied to the door too tightly, Ansin becomes oversensitive, and a flow of spurious mail notifications is triggered.


遠くでくらす両親の家のドアか冷蔵庫の扉をモニタして、開閉があれば自動的にあなたのもとへ毎朝1回だけメールが来ます (English click here)





Ansin Mail App
:::  Latest Send E-Mail  [2013/10/19 09:45]
:::  Latest Moniter start [2013/10/19 08:30]

メール後、開始時刻(初期値 8:30am) にまたモニタ開始を毎日行います。

       メイン画面                                                    設定画面





iPhone を、ドアにきつく貼り付けると、加速度センサーがただしく動作しませんので、すぐにe-mail送信されてしまいます。
iPhone を、ドアにソフトに写真のようにとりつけてください。ホルダーはこちらにあります。