Apple Watch 対応済み

超高度計は、12個のGPS衛星が同じ値を返してくるまで結果を教えません。 (English click here)

電波の届かない山では、我々はふつうiPhoneの電源を切ります。電源入れてからiPhone GPSは、3つの衛星を捕まえれば値を返してきますが大きくズレてます。5分くらいするとたくさんの衛星の情報が入り正確な高度が入手できます。










高度と日付をいれた写真をとることができます。写真はカメラの機能の最大解像度をそのままPictureフォルダに保存します。 GPS情報は排除しています。



Apple Watch で使えます。



再スキャンするときは、画面を強く押しつづけます。 再スキャンのアイコンが出ます。

右のグランスで見た方が、見やすいです。 メイン画面より上スワイプするだけでグランス表示できます。

Apple Watch で最適なアプリです。




Apple Watch supported.

Correct Altitude establishes your position using data from at least twelve GPS satellites. (Japanese click here)

This app shows the altitude at your current location, and enables you to take altitude-and-date-stamped photographs.


Hikers usually turn off their iPhones on mountain trails because of the poor signal.
When turned on, the iPhone GPS will try to determine the current location with data from three GPS satellites; however, these co-ordinates are still inaccurate.
CorrectAltitude triangulates position with a large number of GPS satellites in a 5-minute period enabling an accurate determination of altitude. 
The app automatically continues triangulating position by polling GPS satellites, and informs you when it has established a location accurate to within the tolerated range of error.
The default for this range is 10 meters (approximately 33 feet).

As an add-on function, it can display where you are (if the place has a name), and this can be useful for contacting rescue services in emergencies.

CorrectAltitude has been tested on hiking trails in the Himalayas!


Here is an example of an altitude-and-date-stamped photograph.
The photograph is taken at the maximum resolution of your phone's camera and stored.
GPS information is discarded.


If the Notify mode remains set to "ON", you will continue to get updates on altitude every five minutes.
To conserve the battery and stop repeated updates, you may prefer to set Notify mode to "OFF" after you have determined your altitude.

You can launch on your Apple Watch.

Altitude score came after launch this APPS.      I recommend use on Glance. It came just swipe up on Main Windows.


You can ReScan if you push strong with long.

It's a best APPS for Apple Watch.